Pay and Download

The price is only (€4) and the reason I charge such small amount rather than give it away fro free is simply to reduce the number of downloads, otherwise everyone dowloads the software and the hosting cost goes up, as well as the interruptions!!

Please read carefully.  To run the code you need to download both the program (650k) and the key-file and save these both in the same directory.  The program will run with reduced functionality without the key-file to check it works and see if you like it.  After you pay using Paypal you will be taken to a page where you can download the key-file.  You download the program by placing the right key of your mouse on the link above and select Save Target As...  I suggest you Create new folder so you can find the program again when you come to use it.

It is important that you download the program first and make sure that it 
runs on your machine before you pay.

The program is for personal use only, please do not distribute.

Price €4

If you have any comments, then please contact me at

I am especially interested in pictures of dials you have built so please can you send pictures to me.